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Step 17 to Buying a Home: Hook up your utilities

This is one of those annoying tasks that no one thinks about doing ahead of time, but is crucial, especially if you want the TV and internet working the day you move in. Call now to hook up your utilities! Make sure to get the gas and electric changed into your name. Generally, in Athens you’ll call American Electric ... Read More

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Step 16 to Buying a Home: Hire Movers and Start Packing!

If you’ve gotten this far it means you not only navigated both the home inspection contingency and appraisal contingency!!
…Now it’s time to start packing (or hire movers…)

Call now to get moving estimates and secure a mover as they often get booked up weeks in advance. Also, if you’re moving into a condo building check with the HOA President ... Read More

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Step 15 to Buying a Home: The Appraisal

If you’ve gotten this far it means you’re under contract and you have successfully negotiated the home inspection contingency!!
…Now it’s time for the appraisal

What is the appraisal?
According to the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), “an appraisal is an opinion of value used for real-estate-related financial transactions. Appraisals are required by a state licensed or certified appraiser for most ... Read More

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Step 14 to Buying a Home: Review the Condo Documents

If you’re buying a condo in the area, you need to review the condominium documents. These documents generally include the Declarations and Bylaws, the Rules and Regulations, the current year budget, the meeting minutes, and a list of the current Association Board Members. NOTE: If you’re buying a single family home or a multi-unit building, this step won’t apply to ... Read More

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Step 13 to Buying a Home: Tips for Reviewing the Inspection Report

Once the inspection report comes back, review it thoroughly! Try not to be overwhelmed when it’s 30+ pages long with more than 25 defects that need to be repaired….this is typical. I’ve never seen an inspection report that didn’t have at least 5 items that needed repair. Remember, the home inspection is an informational report for you, the buyer. The ... Read More

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Step 12 to Buying a Home: Tips for Attending the Home Inspection

Attending the home inspection is a critically important part of the home buying process!

Buying a home is a huge financial investment (possibly the largest investment that you will make) and you want to make sure the home you’re buying is in good shape. I feel strongly that buyers should personally attend the home inspection. Even though, you’ll get a ... Read More

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Step 11 to Buying a Home: Schedule the Closing on your Calendar

Now that you have an accepted and fully-executed contract (fully-executed just means that it’s been signed by all parties), it’s important to schedule the closing date on your calendar and arrange to flexibility in your schedule on that date.

Here are a few things to know about your closing date as specified on your executed contract:

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Step 10 to Buying a Home: Watch your spending…

You made it to this point. You qualified for the preapproval and you’ve gotten an accepted offer on the home that you’ve been eyeing to purchase!

Just wait though…Hold off on making any preemptive home purchases for a little while longer…!

Your mortgage preapproval was granted to you based on the amount of money you had at the moment in time ... Read More

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Step 9 to Buying a Home: Give Notice to Your Landlord

Having been a Landlord/Property Manager for multiple decades, Step number 9 is near and dear to my heart…!

When you decide that you want to buy a home, talk to your Landlord. Give as much notice as possible. Working with your Landlord, rather than against your Landlord can be a real benefit. Mutually resolving one contractual liability before ... Read More

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Step 8 to Buying a Home: I have an accepted contract

Congratulations on having an accepted contract on a house, but now what?

Oftentimes contracts are first accepted verbally by the Seller’s agent while signatures are gathered from the Sellers. It may even take 1 – 2 days for all parties to sign and return the contract so be patient. Until we have a fully-executed contract (which means everything ... Read More