Uptown Realty – Team

Uptown Realty Group is a FULL Service Real Estate Brokerage

…What does that mean?

All Real Estate Brokers and their Agents have their specializations… niches… areas of expertise. Some focus primarily on residential home sales, while others only deal with commercial property and still others exclusively manage investment property as property managers. Since each area requires a relatively different skill set, most real estate professionals choose one area to focus on. Some certainly make a transition between areas, but it’s rare to do more than one at a time…

Much like the D.I.Y. spirit of the Athens Ohio community itself, however, the team of licensed and unlicensed Members at Uptown Realty Group have actually developed significant and meaningful, demonstrable expertise, and experience in all 3 areas of practice in the field of Real Estate:

  • Residential sales
  • Commercial sales
  • Property management

Residential Real Estate Specialty

Residential Sales Agents (or Brokers) facilitate the sale of single-family homes between individuals or families. Residential real estate is the largest area of practice. It also has the lowest barrier of entry. No college degree required, just real estate pre-license courses.

Commercial Real Estate Specialty

Commercial Sales Agents (or Brokers) facilitate the sale and/or lease of office buildings, retail centers, and other commercial properties between businesses or real estate investors. The deals are bigger but take longer, and commercial agents are usually expected to have at least a four-year degree in business, finance, or a similar field.

Property Management Specialty

Property Managers aren’t in the sales game at all. Instead, they handle the day-to-day business of rental properties on behalf of the property owner. They protect the property owner’s investment and manage the financial return.

These properties could be commercial (like stores in a mall) or residential (like apartments in a complex). Property management requires a broker’s license in most states. The path to becoming a property manager varies, but most property managers earn a degree and/or special certifications.

How does the experience of Uptown Realty Group encompass all areas of expertise?

Our Principal Broker, Bob Prebe, started in Real Estate as a Property Manager. He was tasked with managing the comprehensive needs of a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial properties throughout Athens County, from Albany to Trimble (and every little community in between). Throughout this process he worked with 1000’s of residential and commercial clients/residents and over the course of 18 years, he began working first as a Realtor and then as a Broker and steadily worked throughout the county with Buyers, Sellers, Developers, and Investors. Additionally, Kurt and Teresa Montle, Members of Uptown Realty Group begin developing an investment property portfolio focused within the City of Athens, specifically geared around the Ohio University and Uptown Athens Community and concurrently within the near Eastside neighborhoods.

All members of Uptown Realty Group have operated on all sides of sales and lease transactions, from acting as Buyer, Seller, Lessee, Lessor, Vendee, and Vendor. Acting as Buyer Representative, Seller Representative, Investor Representative, and Land Development, Commercial Development, New Home Construction, etc.

Whether you are a prospective renter, buyer or seller, you simply cannot beat the meaningful and comprehensive experience that Uptown Realty Group provides

What clients should expect while working with Uptown Realty Group:

  1. We meet and exceed expectations
  2. We provide an immediate responses
  3. We provide a personalized experience
  4. We are diligent and proactive
  5. We are knowledgeable and hard-working
  6. We are loyal and obedient to our Clients needs

What tenants should expect while leasing through Uptown Realty Group:

  1. Location, Location, Location: Our rentals are strategically located within close proximity to the Ohio University campus. They are uptown and the majority on the near east side neighorhoods (Morris, Ohio, Elmwood, South Shannon, etc.)
  2. Safety: From exterior lighting to the best neighborhoods, your safety is our priority.
  3. Parking: All of our units have the availability of off-street parking!
  4. Renovations and Upgrades: Units are provided with appliances including a washer and dryer. Central air is standard. Many properties are recently renovated or newly constructed.
  5. Clean and Tidy: Your rental will not require any repair or cleaning and are move-in ready! Lawn maintenance is provided at no additional cost.
  6. Outdoor Space: The majority of our properties have an outdoor space from a backyard, patio, deck, large flat yard, or nearby park.
  7. Trustworthy Landlord: We always ask ourselves, “What would I want in a home in order to live a rich, full and happy life?” You will see this reflected in the quality of properties and the professional courtesy that we strive to provide all tenants. We live with the Golden Rule always at the front of mind.